May 21, 2024

The 4 Most Common Benefits Of Cardamom In Herbs

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The word cardamom is sometimes wrongly pronounced as ‘cardamon’. Whatever be the pronunciation of this herbal spice, the advantages are quite surprising and very commonly known to a majority of population across the world. This spice is very commonly used in cooking as one of the major garnishing ingredients.

Let’s check the 4 most common benefits of cardamom in the list of herbs:

  1. It reduces high blood pressure

Your health totally depends on the kind of food you take. Any disease for that matter, including high blood pressure, comes out of your food habits. Only appropriate and calculative use of spices can contribute to healthy food. Cardamom is a very rich antioxidant and has a higher level of diuretic properties. If you take approximately 3 grams of cardamom powder a day for 12 weeks, your high blood pressure levels will come down.

  1. It has cancer-fighting abilities

Studies say that cardamom may have cancer-fighting abilities. Although, the research still continues, but many believe that this spice enhances the overall fighting ability of the killer cells within your body to combat the tumors. One of the case studies says that there is a peculiar compound in cardamom that stopped the oral cancer cells from multiplying further.

  1. It has anti-inflammatory properties

Acute inflammation can prove beneficial, but anything that runs for a long time can eventually turn chronic. The strong anti-oxidants in cardamom protect any cell damage internally thereby preventing inflammation. It also decreases liver inflammation. To make the best use of its anti-inflammatory properties, take it in powder form (approximately 20 to 40 mg).

  1. It improves the overall digestion process

Well, there are many factors contributing to poor digestion; however, improper food and overeating are two common causes for digestive problems. Cardamom is known for its digestion properties for ages now. It helps in settling a lot of stomach problems. It heals you from ulcers and other gastric problems. There are many in India who religiously chew a pod or two of cardamom after every meal to keep away from any digestive problems. It is also very commonly known as one of the most effective refreshments.